How To Get Your First Design Client – Even If You Don’t Know How

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I was recently invited for drinks by a graphic designer friend of mine, deep in the heart of the Sussex countryside. After we ordered our drinks, we chose a sofa next to a window so we could admire the stunning views over the Goodwood Estate.

View of The South Downs, Sussex: The perfect place for like minds to discuss life, love and the universe
View of The South Downs: The perfect place for like minds to discuss life, love and the universe

Our conversation inevitably turned to work. We discussed when you’re learning a new skill why it’s important to hire people who are better than you, at what they do best.

Friend: “So Louise, what are you working on at the moment?
Me: “I’m working on improving the experience design for the website of a leading scientific publisher. Do you want to take a look?” I opened my laptop and showed her the prototype I was working on.
Friend: “That looks great Louise. How did you learn to do that?
Me: “In 2012, a business acquaintance introduced me to a lead user experience consultant who took me under her wing. She helped steer my graphic design career in a brand new direction.”
Friend: “Is that the secret to your success now?”
Me: “Definitely. Learning from someone more experience was easier and faster than trying to figure it out on my own.”
Friend: “It’s funny you should say that!”
Me: “Why??”
Friend: “I had dinner with Richard Branson once, and he said exactly the same thing.”
Me: “Whaaaat! You’re kidding me??!!”
Friend: “Right!? And you know what… I think he wanted me to pitch him”
Me: “Aaaaannnd??”
Friend: “I didn’t… :’-(”
Me: “…”

When I heard those words my heart sank. This pitch would have turned everything around.

The timing was perfect. Virgin Atlantic had recently launched a new route from London to the Caribbean and my friend had recently won the prestigious ‘Observer Travel Award’ for best luxury travel brochure design.

She is at the top of her game.

It got me to thinking, why in the world wouldn’t you want to pitch a multi-billionaire who wanted to hire you?

For instance, what are the phrases you tell yourself, that keep you tip-toeing on the edge of a business breakthrough?

I mean, what if you were in my friend’s shoes? What if you had the chance to pitch Richard Branson?

Could you think of any reason why you shouldn’t sell to him? If so, what would you say to yourself? What might stop you?

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Phrases that compromise your instinctive nature

I imagine you’ve at least one of these thoughts before:

  • “I don’t want to push it too much.”
  • “He would never hire me.”
  • “I need more experience.”
  • “I’m just a one-woman-band.”
  • “I’m not confident enough.”

Why do we say things like this?

What these phrases reveal is this: it may not only be Richard Branson you’re afraid of working with. I know you’re thinking it’s easy to give these reasons because he’s a multi-billionaire, but what if the same phrases are stopping you getting work from clients worth £1,000, £10,000 or £100,000?

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How to Get a Remote UI/UX Position with a Startup in the USA

**Watch my interview now  ** with Portfolio Rockstar member Rosina Pissaco “How to Get a Remote UI/UX Position with a Startup in the USA – Even if you are based outside the US”

Honoured to interview Rosina. In this interview you’ll learn:

—How she had to learn English before she could work internationally
—How she has to turn work down because her skills are so much in demand
—How she taught herself interaction design using the latest technologies
—How her portfolio on dribbble is on fire!
—How she prices her contracts
—How she advertises and works as a UI/UX designer because that what startups ask for / even though she is only getting paid for one role atm.
—How pure UX Design roles are on advertised by companies who can afford them
—How she deals with remote working/ development teams and why she only works 20hrs a month for her current employer.
—How she travels the world AND works as a digital nomad
–Please note: Half way through something fell down from my ceiling, please excuse my reaction!


I would love to know what your key takeaways from this interview? Please leave all your comments or questions for @rosina in the comments below.




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    Louise Campbell

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How to Negotiate a Pay Raise – Even if Your Boss Just Hired Someone Younger, Savvier and On Higher Pay than You

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It isn’t often I share personal stories of the coaching clients I work with, but in this case, I want to show you that even in the midst of despair, taking small steps to improve you work-life, can have a-big impact on your income.

My graphic designer coaching client “Emma” (not her real name) had a comfy three-day-a-week job with a local design company. She got in touch with me because she’d recently had “the week from hell.” 

Her life had literally imploded in front of her.

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How Overcoming 3 Limiting Self-beliefs Helped me Pitch Clients and Build a Business that Earns $14,800 a Month


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As Featured in The Huffington Post – by Louise Campbell

I remember the day clearly.

On LinkedIn, e-commerce giant had posted the job of my dreams and it was staring at me intently, like a child who wasn’t getting enough attention. Deep down, I knew that job could be mine, but how? Everything seemed to me, to be against me.

I’d been a stay at home mom for several years and my self confidence was low. Even though I was a trained graphic designer who had built successful e-commerce applications in the past.

When I saw jobs posted on LinkedIn that I knew I could do, negative thoughts would rise up inside me like a wave. They followed me like a bloodhound on a new scent.

What I’ve learned since then sounds counterintuitive, but getting the most desirable jobs and clients everyone wants is not about having more confidence, self-belief or experience – it’s about aligning your skills to the companies hiring needs.

So if you want to banish limiting self-beliefs for good, and get the jobs and clients everyone wants, but don’t know how to ask for, read on.

Overcoming Limiting Self-belief No 1: “They would never hire me”

Feelings of inadequacy used to sweep over me like a massive wave at the mere mention of the word “interview”. Starting in the pit of my stomach and radiating outwards. Adrenaline pumping, my head swirling with fantasies of how perfect my life would be, if all I had to would be fill out that application form, hit send and voila! The job would be mine.

But that never happened.

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