About Louise

If you’ve ever had at least one of these thoughts before:

  • “They would never hire me.”
  • “I need more experience.”
  • “I’m just a one-woman/man-band.”
  • “I’m not confident enough.”
  • “I don’t want to push my luck too much.”

Then you need UpSkill Mastery

Because what if the same phrases are stopping you getting work from clients worth £1,000, £10,000 or £100,000 or more?

Did you know that…

  • It’s not only about appearing totally professional and capable in other people’s eyes.
  • It’s not only about finding creatively challenging work.
  • It’s not only about brushing up your skills.

It’s About Knowing When and How to ask the Right Questions and I Will Help You achieve Mastery

But who are you?

Hi, I’m Louise Campbelllouise-campbell founder of UpSkill Mastery. I help ambitious, graphic designers and creatives, who want to start feeling good enough about their work, so they can get the jobs clients want to give them. Easily.

I work with graphic designers and creatives who are ambitious enough to take the unusual route to upskilling. Designers who know that the only way to get the clients and jobs that everyone wants, is by mastering the questions they need to know, to get inside their clients minds.

After spending the last twenty years in London (ten years working as a Graphic Designer, five years as stay at home mum, and five years as a UX Designer, I’ve learned exactly what it takes to go from ‘living on the breadline’, or as they say in the USA ‘going broke’ to leading a life filled with opportunities.

My Super Powers are

Being able to pack a months worth of clothes, shoes, snoods, make-up, coffee, cooking spices, paracetamol, jewellery, laptop and UX paraphernalia into one very, teensy weensy suitcase. Except for the time when a bag of bright red paprika exploded in my suitcase just before a pitch, and I couldn’t stop sneezing.

Managing 2 children, in 2 different countries, via Whatsapp, RyanAir and school portal attendance software. Except for the time when the school portal attendance software went offline for a software upgrade.

Here's what to do so we can keep in touch:

Get the exact and confidential A4 design proposal that earned me my 1st design contract worth $9,800 -- without an online portfolio. Skip this and you could be stuck for years, watching other designers get paid more than you -- just because they knew how to ask. **Where should I send your FREE copy of my never before shared confidential A4 proposal for ambitious graphic designers?**

2 thoughts on “About Louise”

  1. Louise is incredible at coaching. She really makes you see that it IS possible to change career and get out of a rut. I found that confidence boosting invaluable, especially in those moments when you’re wondering how on earth you will be able to kick start your career back up after staying at home with children. Not only do I now feel that I CAN achieve my goals, but I’m also setting vastly more ambitious goals for myself – and hitting them! Thanks, Louise, you’re a star!

    1. Thank you Max! You’re so incredible to work with, you have such a ‘can do attitude’ that will guarantee you’ll fulfil all your work dreams!

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